The Grange, Willowvale

Category : Open space planning


The site is located on Hotham Creek Road at Willowvale, Queensland.  This area consists of gently undulating pastoral land combined with remnant riparian forest.  The site is the client's childhood farm, which created opportunities greater than other projects.

The Client's Brief

The brief was to provide a quality environmental outcome for an exclusive rural residential subdivision at the head of the catchment of Hotham Creek.  Creek lines running through the property connect directly to the Tamborine Plateau and provide extended broad-scale environmental connectivity with Tamborine National Park.


Five hectares of endemic revegetation along a designated watercourse (Hotham Creek).  Locally significant and state listed protected vegetation were mapped, protected and incorporated across the site.

Greening Australia was contacted to collect and propogate the local significant Pouteria eerwah for further re-introduction into the revegetation plantings.  Broad-scale revegetation plantings consist of 90% revegetation works, with 10% being selective, labour intensive hand weeding to help regenerate existing hillsides that were becoming over-run with invasive exotic creepers (garden escapees).




Grange Country earns green kudos

Click here for AILDM Environmental Design Award details.


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